August 9th, 2018

On this beautiful day we got to meet our princess. This has been the best day of our lives. πŸ’—πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Emily Hope was born on August 9th, 2018 at 2:10am weighing 5lbs and 15oz. 18 inches long.

I was really drugged up from the epidural and the medicine they gave me. So hubby took all the first time photos of our princess.

This is her after she was all cleaned up πŸ’—


Wednesday Induction Day

I was scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9am for my induction. They called me around 7am and said that I’m going to be placed on call and that they will call me due to the hospital being full. So during that time I’m getting ready and cleaning our room and waiting for the phone call. I get the call like around 2:30pm. Thankfully my hubby job let him work from home that day since they knew I was gonna go in at anytime on Wednesday. I got there like around 3pm, which we checked in and we actually did not get a room in the induction floor due to it being full so I was placed in a regular rooms where you stay after you had the baby for visitors. We get to the floor and they start preparing everything. By the time they hooked me up to the machine with an IV, it was about 8pm. I got my cervix checked and I was just 1cm dilated and that’s when they were inducing me by placing a tablet medicine in my cervix so I can dilate. So about 10:30pm the nurse came in and had to reposition but didn’t say why. Then around 12 midnight the nurse had to reposition me again and that’s when the nurse said that my contractions are 3 min apart. The midwife comes in around 1am and she started to explain to me what’s happening. So with every contraction I was getting the baby heart rate would drop and that they didn’t like that. Pretty much my contractions were stressing her out and that’s a sign that my placenta was not doing it’s job during my contractions. So they gave me the option of dilating around but can’t GTD how the baby would react to it or have a C-section. Hubby and I immediately looked at each other and said C-section. We just didn’t want to put anyone life at risk at this point.

The midwife asked me at what time was my last meal/snack and I said around 10pm so then she said ok so at 6am we can do the C-Section. I said ok sounds good and the midwife left. I do hear the midwife talk to the doctor and the doctor said no we need to get this baby out now. I don’t like how the heart beat is dropping during her contractions. So they immediately came in the room and start wiping me down to get me ready for the C-Section. 😳😳😳

Let me tell you at the moment you really can’t sink in that you are about to have a baby. So they take me to the floor where they do surgery. My hubby is going to get scrubbed down and they take me into this big room super bright white lights with about 20 people in there ready to deliver my baby. They put the epidural in and I’m immediately numb from my breast under. I see they are about to put the curtain up so I can’t see anything and at this point I’m still asking for my husband. He finally comes in and he tells me “baby, I’m here” then we hear the dr said “Ok, Baby time, 1,2,3”


37 weeks chaos πŸ˜©πŸ˜£

At 36 weeks and 2 days I woke up with a massive headache at around 5am. I went to go and check my blood pressure it was over the 160/90 mark. I still got ready to go to work and on the way to work I called my doctors office. They told me to just go to the hospital (Winnie Palmer for women and babies hospital) so I did and of course they check my blood pressure and it’s normal. πŸ™„πŸ™„ They do blood work and sends me home with a 24 hr urine test which happened on a Friday. Saturday I go back to return my 24 hr urine and more blood work. Mind you this I was still with a massive headache that wouldn’t go away with just Tylenol. Sunday I went back to the hospital because I was still with high blood readings and with a massive headache. Of course I get there and my blood pressure was fine πŸ™„πŸ™„


Monday came and since I see the high risk doctor. I had to submit my blood sugar readings to them so I went ahead and told them what happened over the weekend by email. My high risk Dr. Desai called me immediately and explained to me that according to the blood work and how you been feeling you are having gestational hypertension and anyone with those conditions we deliver the babies at 37 weeks 😳😳😳😳

At this point I’m freaking out. So that Monday I had to see my OBGYN and my high risk dr said to tell my OBGYN to call him so they can figure out a plan for me. Everything happened so fast. I told my OBGYN what my high risk dr said. He leaves the room for a little and comes back to say that I’m going to do my final exam (cervix exam) for my induction on Wednesday. My OBGYN and my High Risk Dr. are all in the same building (same practice) so after my Exam I went to my high risk dr and asked them if they still wanted to see me tomorrow (Tuesday) for my ultrasound. He asked me if I had time to do it that same day. I said yes I do because he advised me not to go back to work (Tuesday). So I got to see my princess for the last time on Tuesday and she was weighting at aprox. 5 pounds and 12 oz.

Tuesday I stayed home resting for our big day


34-36 weeks pregnant πŸ’—πŸ‘‘

Not a lot has changed during those weeks. I was feeling a lot more tired than normal. I would go to work and come home and just sleep. I was barely doing much at this point. We finally got a new car which we needed before the baby came.

We went to Disney and took our last photo of just husband and wife before our princess arrived.

These we also one of the last photo of our princess.

Car accident and 33 weeks pregnant

I’m currently 33 weeks and 5 days!!! And right after we bought our house my hubby got into a really bad car accident Tuesday July 10th. My hubby was going to a job site for his job and as he had the green turning arrow a lady passed the red light and T-Bone our car. I honestly almost went crazy when he called me to tell me. This happened around 1:30pm and I was in the middle of work. But as soon as he told I immediately left. When I got to the scene I immediately hugged him and cried. I just needed to really make sure he was ok and in one piece. I finally calmed down once I saw him. He did go to the hospital since he was on the clock from his job and they told him to get checked out since he did hit his head on the window and he was a little dizzy. He did get checked out with a CT Scan and everything was cleared thankfully. So now we are in the process of waiting for the 2 insurance to fight it out. The police report did say she ran the red might and she failed to remained stopped. Hubby is a little stressed out because this could be the worst time for all this to be happening to us. We have 4 more weeks until our princess is in our arms and daddy sure wants to have all this behind us by the time she arrives.

Our car after the crash:

But the highlight of the week:

Our princess at 33 weeks + 3 days

She’s smiling and yawning at us πŸ’—πŸ’—

And we bought a house πŸ 

We were told that the person we were renting from wanted to sell the house. Even though we had our lease GTD until November I sure didn’t want to wait until we had the baby to look for a new place. So one day hubby and I were like let’s go and look at houses. Which that same day we went searching we fell in love with our current house. Our lives has change in a matter of a month and a half for the better. We are all settled in now and we are ready for our princess to fill this house up.